Another Perspective

Always Another Way Speckling shimmery wishful star, Only a meteor burning up quite a distance so far. Wandering waves whipping awash the shore, Saying hello and see you soon, swinging by not to cause an uproar. Develop, not change. Care not downgrade. Negativity shatters an entire vibe. Seek not what destroyed you, For it’s what […]

Contained Feelings

  Within Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple, it is most prevelant throughout the beginning of the novel that our main protagonist, Celie, struggles to deal with her emotions of abuse coming from her father, possibly ashamed of disclosing her feelings with her own sister. This idea resonates throughout the excerpts via her letters to God, […]

Neglected Flowers

  I am excited to announce that I have recently began reading the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker, a story of a 14 year old poorly uneducated girl named Celie who experiences abuse and rape by her own father, deciding to write letters to God, describing her ordeals and conflicts at home. The most horrid […]